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Sparkling water, seltzer, or carbonated water. This type of bubbly water is filtered and carbonated artificially. Mineral water. The gas in mineral water occurs naturally, but extra carbon dioxide may be added either artificially or from the same source as the water. Soda water. This fizzy water contains both carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate. It may also contain other compounds to regulate its acidity. Club soda. This carbonated water can include sodium components like sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate.


University of Saskatchewan launches new pediatric mental health training program Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. University of Saskatchewan launches new pediatric mental health training program The six month long program has already been completed by 75 physicians and nurse practitioners, helping to take some of the caseload off of local psychiatrists. Brenden Purdy has the story. Read more: ‘We’re at a breaking the point’: Addressing mental health during COVID-19 The addition of the program should help to take some of the caseload off of psychiatrists across Saskatchewan. “There are about 17 child and adolescent psychiatrists practicing in Saskatchewan,” USask assistant professor of Psychiatry Dr. Anna Felstrom said. “But when we do assessments of how many there should be, there should probably be around 40.” As the program continues Felstrom hopes that it could potentially alleviate some of the current wait times patients wait to see pediatric psychiatrists. “Our wait list for non-urgent problems, to in to see us can be two years,” she said. “Which is a very long time in a child’s life.” Despite the work that is required by trainee’s, enrolment numbers into the program have been positive.  Over the course of the program they’re taught how to manage and asses anxiety, depression, ADHD, and behavioural problems in children. “We can train just 25 (people) at a time, because the training takes six months, it’s quite an intensive course,” Felstrom said.